The bloom of a Peony

Akua Allrich © 2011

With you I am a Peony
Tender round bulb
Reserved, modest and pretty
For you I bloom completely

Walk toward me
Extended hand
Your smile wakes me
eager to follow your command

shut mine eyes
man hands make me see
move to open me
a dance this is
Is it not?
The pull, the cool, the push the hot

At first sound, my heart runs wild
body antsy like a child
base of my spine whining for your hand press
to release secrets I long to confess
Pull me to you, curve my back
belly laughs at the gravity we lack

teach me with your eyes
bring forth wanting sighs
command my mind’s desire
release all my sweetest fire
smooth primal Energy

bodies flow through sound
reserved and modest
this bulb, full, wet, round
Red in motion
Blue to touch

Surprised by the sway of knowing hips
Captivated by the sweetness of honey-tinged lips
lead me please
I am ready Beloved
Neck craving your breathe in
Scent sweet as other-made sin
Your tease tugs at the aggression in me
Gives you cause to control … but … sweetly dear
I pause to feel your strength smooth, placed neatly … right here

turning me once to the left twice to the right
my hands squeeze tight
a taste of my naughtier side
you see, I grew my nails just for you
No longer needing to hide
Intent to take part in these games
Swim in these tender flames
The warmth of which entice my full bloom
Petals unfolding enchanted and fully consumed
By your hand-caressed cool
enough to sooth
Sweet in touch
all rights to move me to give of my hearts nectar
Thick in depth, full in texture
Yes, I dance with you
Give all of me
Tender, bold and free
Filled with Love,

Your Peony ♥