About fear …

Moving with the energy of fear is something that is a life long lesson, I think. Fear, like any energy, has the ability to stifle you or to move you. In the times where an opening occurs I am learning to “throw it away” (it being my thoughts and hesitations) and move with my faith. My faith in the knowledge that there is a force much bigger than I can fully envision taking place, and all things that happen to me and of me are apart of that greater force, this greater picture that I have the esteemed opportunity to be apart of. I have the opportunity to be a vehicle of light and beauty, and so I will give of myself as I can.

I am grateful for the painful lessons, the painful separations, the scary connections, the uphill explorations of presented gifts. I am grateful for the love and beautiful partners that help me through this experience. I am grateful for it all. I am truly blessed in it all. I am blessed to be guided by my ancestors, by my family, by the abosom, by the earth, by the Universe, by the Creator. They move through me and with me and with this I give myself. With my heart and spirit I give love and light and inspiration in the best way I can. I’m gonna do this thang and do it well … I’m gonna take my FIRE!!! And enjoy every moment of it! OW!


Dead man’s whisper

Akua Allrich ©  2009


Holding on to my fear

I sit and cry

Breathe in the breeze given to me

On the cusp of transition

Even with the abundance of air I can’t catch my breath

Time moves past me at the speed of light


Flash By me with vigor

the dead man whispers to me

Tells me not to let it pass too free

Not to let it pass without grabbing its tail

He says … let it glide you through

Enjoy the ride

Take care not to cry too hard

for the dying babies and the mourning mothers

The broken hearted men

the corrupted grandmothers

Take care to ride with a light heart

Keep sake only the lessons to learn

Throw to the crocks the ugly hurt that often tags along

The dead man, with his smile crooked and sweet

Laughs at rolling tears I send his way

Confused at his words.


He laughs

He, he!

Silly girl, you cry for your fear.

He, he!

Silly girl,

Be happy you have it to feel

He says …

You are alive

So live little girl


But live

Ride the wave

Enjoy the ride

Soon you will sit like me

With the dead and gone

The silly ones who must die and do it all over again

And you will sit here as am I

Crooked smile

Timeless eyes, only for a moment wisdom filled

Vision clear as those crystal tears

Trusting some silly soul with your words

Until you must return to do what you were sent first to do.

And now I must go and be born again into your temporal world

Soon to forget all that I know now.

He, he! silly girl

Cry, but live

Grab it and do your work!

He laughed a hearty laugh, awkward, and heavy




And he was gone

Born to some unknowing mother, unready for the old soul who now will accompany her through this life,

I close my eyes

Tears still rolling

grab a hold of time

fear in my heart

I ride

I ride

ride it like a cowgirl.




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