I hope you enjoy this thought provoking post. While it is not a current issue for myself, I think it is still very relevant for some of you. I really hope that people from varying experiences read and comment with your thoughts, feelings and inspirations. THANX for your thoughts and love! πŸ˜€ peace ……


You ever wonder why we are so afraid of being vulnerable? We walk around pretending not to know when someone is attracted to us, or more importantly, when we are attracted to someone else, for fear of rejection. LOL! Its hilarious.

And what about when you have a ridiculous chemistry with a person that you aren’t “supposed” to be with, or can’t be with, for whatever circumstances. So you push it down, push it down. Pretend it doesn’t exist. Oh noooooo! …. don’t dare tell anyone. You just smile and go about your life as if it doesn’t exist. You give him a hint of your affection in a glance, in a special smile reserved for only the ones you love, in the looooong embraces. πŸ™‚ yall know what I’m talking about. lol! But you walk away … just friends, very good friends, and that’s enough for you. It has to be!

But … every time you hear the persons NAME!, your stomach starts jumping! Like your heart decided to take a dive, hit a trampoline and bounced up pass your head, taking your brains with it to touch the sky! HA! Its quick, but its just that intense! WOO! wait…wait…what was I talking about again? Oh yeah … the name. Just the name makes you breath in deep and smell his scent and visualize his smilin eyes. Mmmm. But ….. you don’t really love him in that way … nah man … “das my brotha!” … Riiiiiiiight. πŸ™‚ Behind that “just”, in the depths of your heart secrets, you would love him, so hard, so good, so right, so real, without hesitation or inhibition, if …… if only you had the chance … you would tell him. Just so your heart wouldnt be so heavy. You would tell him that you loved him forever and always will. You would tell him “… if you’d have me, I would run away with you.”

But …. ladies, ……… we aren’t that damn brave, are we? LOL! Cause if “they” arent initiating, we’re moving the hell on! “Cant waste the pretty!” Cause it don’t last! HA! love comes and love goes. And we’re good. We can push it down. ….. right? Yeah we’re good, til …….. homeboy pops the hell back up when you’re engaged, and you just wanna hang! Get one of them good hugs. The good loooooooong ones, that dont need the words that you really want to say attached, because its written all over your bodies! wow.

Down right dangerous, folks! πŸ™‚ LOL! You know that unacknowledged chemistry, its like a pressure cooker building more and more steam … waiting desperately to, BURST OFF! LOL! Cause you know when you don’t acknowledge that thing …. this thing that you continue to build, it only gets bigger and bigger and ….

so … what?

a. Avoid it?

b. Talk about it?

c. Keep pretending and risk being caught in that very vulnerable place, making it either:

  • the worst experience ever!
  • the best thing that has ever happened to you
    or …..
  • both

What do you do?


Well …. I write a song ….. lol!

What do you do?

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Peace, love and light!

I’ll be talkin to ya ….. on the stage …. :-), cause it’s me…

Akua Allrich – Kyerematin

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