© Akua Allrich


I have sold my soul to the devil to survive


thus I am haunted by my own spirit

haunted by my own livelihood

by my own past


I live a life that requires me to be dead

the confusion that has made me is too profound

it is now


my system,

my order,

my existence


my spirit haunts me


for my father sold his soul to deception,

my mother’s to defeat

them both to unrighteousness

all so that mine would be saved


it did not work


I hear voices that I can not explain

I do not understand my own mind




a collision



there lies no bridge no equilibrium, no center of gravity

no system enough to reveal



clarify the course

they both fight to be free of me


as do I of them


my numerous dis-eases are the product of my haunting


I am haunted by the life that I should lead


I am haunted by the ancestors I have not learned


I am haunted by a past that should have been my future


I am haunted

I am haunted

I am haunted


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