your embrace

Akua Allrich ©2010


tempered fingertips touch the surface just enough to surpass.

trembling skin betrays this structure made of warm glass

shake the walls and wake the half opened wild carrot

instant build of perspiring thoughts running this heart’s gamut

gasp the air in lungs filled with marking scent directed at me

blinded by hard emotion i kneel in submission to this sea

waves of fire and sugar water, overtake this vessel now undone

eyes clenched unable to reject the warmth of this sun

pulling close what poets dream to write

nights in streams of guided light

kiss the air you breathe in

fear eyes seen once before and now again

bathe in your waters of honeysuckle and rose mint

enter the layered words unspoken but still sent

i stand in awe of this place


yet perfect

i am filled by your embrace