Kindling Wood
© Akua Allrich 2013

It’s a story of an unfortunate love
pretty in all the right places
The value of its face was top notch
But its core was no good
It was built on
Kindling wood

The beginning was made to sizzle
Straight off daytime TV
Full of butterflies and tingles
Air so thick we couldn’t see

Full of hands, eyes, winks, extra sassy hips,
Lips, weak knees, laughs,
and jealous moments just for kicks,

Hard to get was a game whose name just didn’t last
The fire was just way too hot
way too fast
in a world that made my soul stir
that is …
… until he met her

a sweetheart passionate desire
turned war of ugly intentions, ready, aim, fire!
We tumbled in twisted stories
spent too much energy on pain and worries
he got caught in an easy attraction
but honestly …
… I welcomed the distraction

It was an added pain
You see,
she wasn’t what started our rain

It was sad at first
Too many sorry’s, and tearful outbursts
Eager for his attention
I was once at his center, but I quickly lost that position

We promised to change
we just got awkward and strange
he was always wrong and I was never right
lord! Trying to hold it together always ended in a fight

All too sweet turned vinegar sour
Truth is, we only knew each other for about an hour

We in therapy, before we know it,
Didn’t even have a ring to show for it!

This business got way too deep, way too fast
On the couch it hit me, this mess aint gone last

Came time to make a quick exit
way too young to be actin like old folk
but we got stuck in an epic,
when it should have been a quick quote

too hot it was,
and its core was no good
my passion filled love
was built on

Kindling wood





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