I let you go … (a letter of breaking open)
Akua Allrich © 2015

I let you go back there
Where the sun hit the surface of the water just right.
I let you float atop my reflections of turning so far left that right was out of reach.
I let you go when it was still warm,
afraid that the cold would kill the seedlings sewn so long ago
when foresight was clearer than near sight.

I let you go with the music heavy in my ears and wanting was my greatest fear.
I let you out on each word sung in the tenderness of anguished notes and hearts blazing
tones soaked in the pained pieces of broken glass, cinnamon whiskey and slurred phrasing
I let you go
with those old bits that clung too tight.
Slowly pulled thorns from my back, let each tear mend my heart from the fight.

I let you go, and though I’ll never be the same,
for journeys I hardly thought I’d ever take,
a new part grew
One I never knew.

As the old you goes,
with mother, your ashes flow.
In your place, that old me space,
My newest layer grows.
It grows!
and … I’m excited!
Excited to get to know you;
Get to know Me!

Me, Broken open.
A new window for my spirit to see
For my spirit to soar!

I let you go and grew me. 


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