Peace and love, 

I am very happy and excited to announce that I am on the Ballot for the Grammy’s for my project, Uniquely Standard, Akua Allrich Live! WOOHOO!


I need your help getting as many votes as possible for the Grammy nomination! If you are a voting grammy member, please vote for me and share this email with all your folks! If you are not a voting member, still check me out and share the following email and info with all your peoples! 


Please help my friend, Akua Allrich, an independent Jazz Vocalist from Washington, DC, get nominated for a GRAMMY! We are excited that she is on the Ballot for the Grammy’s for her project, Uniquely Standard, Akua Allrich Live! But, being an independent artist is tough, and competing with big names and big music machines definitely doesn’t make it any easier. Please click through the links below (sites with music, videos and information) and consider voting for Akua Allrich! And, if you are not a voting grammy member, please forward this email with links to her music and more, to your friends and family to help us spread the word!


Video links: 

Folks can listen to songs from the newest album, as well as a few from her debut album. Help us get as many Voting Grammy Members to vote for Akua to be nominated! 

We can do this with YOU! LETS GET IT! 

Thank you so much fam! 

So much love yall! 
Akua Allrich 

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