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capitalbop square “Perhaps one of the most anticipated releases to hit the jazz scene recently, Akua Allrich’s Soul Singer is simply magical, bursting at the seams with jubilance and grace. Over the years, Allrich has become one of the region’s most captivating performers: On stage, her voice and powerful presence suck in the audience, transforming any room into a sacred space of ritual. On this, her third release, the enchantment of her live performance is captured, but she offers fresh nuances that only a studio can capture—as a result, there’s the sense of hearing something new with each listen.” – Luke Stewart  read more


“Local star Akua Allrich continued her rapid rise this month performing music from her latest album Uniquely Standard (Self Produced, 2012) at the historic Howard Theater on Washington, DC’s U Street. An accomplished vocalist whose vibrant performances and inviting stage presence have built a loyal following and propelled her to the forefront of Washington, DC’s main jazz venues, Allrich’s rise in many ways parallels the resurgence of Washington, DC as a major jazz city, making her debut at the recently reopened Howard Theater both a fitting and symbolically resonant accomplishment…” – Franz Matzner read more



“The vocalist Akua Allrich has been attracting attention over the past few years for her emotionally and spiritually charged performances, and a voice imbued with the sensitivity to coax and soar in equal measure.” – Ken Avis read more


 “Uniquely Standard treats jazz as it should be: recorded as live sets in a club where the audience’s reaction is as integral to the songs as their musical accompaniment. I recently chatted with Allrich about the new album, her take on the local jazz scene in which it’s rooted, and why the classic songs she chose still resonate today…” – Jenna Makowski read more  


“BEST VOCALIST: Akua Allrich
I’ve said it before—if you hear (as you often do) that contemporary jazz seems to be missing soul, it’s because all of the soul of a generation has been concentrated into Akua Allrich.” – Michael J. West read more


Akua Allrich is up to her eyeballs in soul. The woman mines such a deep, rich vein of musical flavor that not only do the musicians around her fade into invisibility when she sings, most of the other singers in town do, too—even when they’re just sitting at home. Much of the power is purely in her voice, a fearsome, visceral thing that fills the room as soon as it begins.” – Michael J. West read more




… on the Album “Uniquely Standard, Akua Allrich Live!” (Self-Produced, 2012) …

 “Akua Allrich has a warm and sassy delivery, not unlike a young Aretha Franklin, and uses her voice in a flexible way that includes drops, falls and growls almost like an old school trumpet player…” – George W. Harris read more



” Akua Allrich‘s smile alone could light up any room, but add to that a rich and soulful voice with impeccable taste in material, and you get one of D.C.’s most dynamic vocalists. Her considerable talents are on full display with her latest album, Uniquely Standard, whose release Allrich will celebrate with a show tonight at the venerable Howard Theatre …” – Sriram Gopal, DCist  read more


Check out this awesome review of Akua’s sophomore album by C. Michael Bailey of allaboutjazz.com “… Billy Strayhorn’s “Lush Life” is beautifully elegant and a sharp Juxtaposition to the carnal “Afro Blue.” The contrast is as dizzying as it is brilliant. Allrich has the chops to sing whatever she wants, and further proves it on a bonfire “Black Coffee.” …”  read more




Check out this awesome review of Akua’s sophomore album from Midwest Record! “AKUA ALLRICH/Uniquely Standard: Ok, here’s why we’re impressed. Allrich opens up with some Nina Simone and her and the band have the vibe right. It’s not homage, tribute or copy cat, she just has the right feel. Allrich continues to traverse other period tunes with similar pleasing results that give heft to the title of the album. A nicely smoking, live vocal set that really delivers the goods you want on your door step. And classic jazzbos will note that this was recorded fairly recently at Bohemian Caverns. Hot stuff.” October 19th … read more.


Check out this awesome review of Akua’s performance at the Turkish ambassador’s residence, for the Ertegün Jazz Series, by Examiner.com! “… vocalist Akua (pronounced Ah-kwee-ya) Allrich made her way to the Embassy stage like a queen approaching her throne. Her megawatt smile served as an unspoken introduction; it was clear that joy radiated from deep inside her and her voice journeyed from that space … she, and all that she embodied, was standing in the music room of the Turkish Embassy Residence as an ambassador of jazz. Beautiful…” read more



Check out a wonderful interview and Spotlight with The Washington Examiner about Akua’s 4th Annual Nina Simone/Miriam Makeba tribute! “The tribute will feature the songs that Nina Simone and Miriam Makeba made their own. Allrich will save her own compositions for another time. “[Simone 1=”and” 2=”Makeba” ] have such an extensive catalogue of music, I want to do them justice and give their energy to the [audience], give them a synopsis of who [these 1=”women” ] are and also why I love them,” Allrich said …” read more


Check out this wonderful review of Akua at the DC Jazz Fest 2012 by Michael West of The City Paper! “The clear, soulful voice of Akua Allrich is the primary reason to go hear her, of course. She’s a warm, powerful presence whose singing talents are too vast to be constrained to jazz. (I’ve suggested neo-soul was a major part of her repertoire in the past, but the global elements in her music aren’t to be underrated either.) But you could hear that on a recording. What’s harder to quantify is her charisma in person.” read more!


 Check out a wonderful interview and Spotlight with The Washington Post! “After almost a decade away from music, she decided to return to the stage. Three years and two albums later, the native Washingtonian has no shortage of gigs, including headlining tonight at the first of this summer’s free Going Out Guide Weekend concerts at Carter Barron Amphitheatre. Allrich considers herself first and foremost a jazz singer …” read more

Check out a wonderful interview with Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman on SoulTrain.com! “Emerging vocalist Akua Allrich fuses musical genres to create music that is not easily categorized as jazz, blues, or R&B. Quickly garnering attention on adult contemporary radio stations for her first CD A Peace of Mine (2010) and the single “Hard to Get”, Akua (pronounced Ah-kwee-ah) is moving forward with redefining what soul music is in America.” read more


 Enjoy this wonderful review with amazing pictures by The Couch Sessions, of the HOT Les Nubians and Akua Allrich show LIVE at the Black Cat! “The audience waited anxiously for the lovely ladies of Les Nubians serenade them, but before that happened Jazz vocalist Akua Allrich won the crowd over with her honest and lush vocals –trust me she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with…” read more



Check out Akua in DC Magazine with Charles Fishman! Said DC Magazine, “Akua Allrich is something of a doctor of soul. Once headed into the field of medicine, the Howard University graduate veered away from science to pursue music. The choice has paid off. Dubbed “the next big thing” by Charles Fishman, who founded the DC Jazz Festival, the jazz vocalist isn’t just a rising star. She’s a skyrocket…” read more


Check out our interview with WYPR’s Tom Hall!
Just in time for our 3rd annual Nina Simone & Miriam Makeba tribute at the legendary Bohemian Caverns, August 19&20 2011: “Composer and singer Akua Allrich hails from Hyattsville but her musical influences come from all over the world. Tom Hall talks with her about her first album Piece of Mine.”


Listen to our interview with Michael Eric Dyson!
Listening Party: Akua Allrich
“Our guest of honor today is D.C. independent artist Akua Allrich, who is keeping the jazz tradition relevant for a new generation by adding in fresh influences from a range of influences from reggae to African.” The Michael Eric Dyson Show, Dysonshow.org –Listen now!


Jazzmobile 2011 Jazz Vocal Competition Finalist!
Akua Allrich was chosen as one of 8 finalists out of more than 100 contestants in the 2011 Jazz Vocal Competition. Final competition date and venue are tba. Congratulations to Akua and to all of the finalists!


 DC Jazz Festival 2011 buzz

Allaboutjazz-DC Jazz Festival: June 1-13, 2011
Allrich possess a stage presence and vocal range rivaling many of today’s jazz divas, but it is her natural ease, contagious sense of joy, and blending of traditional jazz, modern influences, and African heritages that distinguishes her from even many of today’s more established performers.” Franz A. Matzner, Allaboutjazz.com-read more

DCist.com-In Review: The 2011 DC Jazz Festival
“talented local artists such as Frédéric Yonnet and Akua Allrich got to show off their skills alongside national and international acts.” Sriram Gopal, DCist.com-read more

Capitolbop.com-Photos | The DC Jazz Festival in images
“Akua Allrich catches the spirit during her performance at Twins Jazz on Saturday, June 4.” by Giovanni Russonello CapitolBop.com-read more



Akua Allrich’s A Peace of Mine is now international! Check out our new Japanese musical family Inpartmaint Inc.! OW! Peace and love to Japan.

DCist Interview: Akua Allrich
In 2010, Allrich released her debut album, A Peace of Mine, to positive reviews. Her fluid and graceful voice glides over rhythms that draw upon jazz, reggae, African and R&B influences. The buzz from that recording led to her signing with a Japanese record label and a collaboration with the historic Bohemian Caverns … by Sriram Gopal, DCist.com-Read more.

YEAR-END TOP 10: Moon’s Picks Of 2010
“Akua Allrich’s “Hard to Get” is an irresistible jazzy soul tune that warms you up even if you’re mired in cold, winter wind and snow. If you’re looking for a comparison, imagine if Sergio Mendes’ flawless Timeless meets the energy of Chanté Moore on her single “Love’s Taken Over.” Akua’s “Hard to Get” is all but a hint of why her A Peace of Mine is played often by me from start to finish.”  … by Moon, Soulbounce.com-Read more.

“Akua Allrich: Washington Rising” – Franz Matzner
A native Washingtonian, vocalist Akua Allrich’s music flows with a free, natural energy as engaging as her equally ingenuous personality. Although she graduated from Howard University’s music department roughly a decade ago, Allrich has only recently thrown herself into forging a musical career. She originally opted not to pursue a singing career and turned instead to the challenges of raising a family and teaching in a private school. In the past few years, however, Allrich has returned to the stage to sing jazz vocals, much to the pleasure of Washington, DC audiences … by Franz Matzner allaboutjazz.com article-Read more.

Soulbounce.com Review
Singer Akua Allrich is defining the title “fusion artist” with her debut disc A Peace of Mine, which features songs from every genre of soul music you can fathom. Akua could have created two full albums out of this brimming CD, yet fans should be thrilled that they receive so many tunes at once. This 14-track collection gives reggae lovers their fill with songs “Gypsy Lover” and “Sweet” and she pulls a little ska swirled with acid jazz with the song “I’m Not Crazy,” which is one of my favorites off of the album. Those who need some pop-flavored R&B thrown into their music mix won’t disappointed either with two of her tunes “Just Wait” and “Too Hard” that quickly remind us of Alicia Keys on a good day … by Moon Soulbounce.com-Read More

ThisIsRealMusic.com Review
It is very rare that you find someone who has the style of grace of Nina Simone, the tenacity of Ertha Kitt, and just a little bit of that “umph” like Billie Holiday. Akua Allrich may just be the closest thing to tipping that line of all three-in-one. This Washington, D.C. native is the definition of an eclectic songbird, as she expresses her beautiful vocal range over jazz and Afro-Caribbean beats…. by Nekeya O’Connor at ThisisRealMusic.com – Read More

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