I’ve been pondering how to start blogging again in an unpretentious and fully present way and so I am just gonna do this thing.

Lately, I have been making a habit of collecting sayings and affirmations to get me through tough mental moments. I say “mental moments” because it is only through our thinking that we breathe life into our feelings, be they sweet or sour. Our thoughts feed our hearts. And YES! I am a “feeling” kinda chick. Lol! It is the very nature of me, as an artist, as a healer, as a cancer, whatever you want to call it, it is me. Thusly, I am working on this mind of mine. Working on allowing my spirit to guide my heart, and then allow my spirit-filled heart to guide my mind. It is a learning curve, I’ll tell you that. But man, the moments I get it, it is such sweet freedom, the truth of consciousness, Universe in plain sight.

I’ve had the esteemed privilege of plenty of heartbreak throughout these 30 plus years that, with guidance, grace and sweet covering by my loved ones and my ancestors, has opened me up to so many blessings. The challenge of being present enough to receive the lessons and the blessings has been significant, but I embrace this work; the falling and the rising, every bit of pain and every bit of beauty.

I am committed to continuing this work of mine. Committed to being able to lay in the movement of the Universe with trust and not freak out with each crashing wave and covering. It is my daily work.

I am grateful for every bit of this living. Watching the miracled nuances of my childrens’ growth and beauty and the unfettered love and development of the love of my life, my husband. Smiling at the protecting, supportive hands of my family and close friends. It brings me to tears just thinking about the blessings I’ve been given. See I told you about these feelings of mine. Lol! A complete cry baby, but very genuine in my emotions, so I don’t mind. Lol!

With this quick post, I give you a bit of my heart and proclaim to speak to you more through my writings, photos and art. I have the uncanny and heavy gift of the artist’s mind and heart, and I intend to allow God(s) and the ancestors to speak through me as they intended, and pray that the Universe is seen a little bit more clearly because of it. Lots of love, peace, balance, light and MUSIC FAMILY!

Akua Allrich
“Don’t look for the light, be the light Baby!” 



A message to my heart (a poem) – Akua Allrich © 2015

awoke to the whisper of the ocean in my left ear

the memory of a broken heart in my right

i rocked and breathed to the rhythm of their dance

Mother’s voice washed the wound as she sang

i did not fight her voice

i let her speak. let her sing over me

fought the urge to interpret

for it was unnecessary, my spirit translated to my heart

and i let them lead this tired mind of mine

heavy with too many thoughts, disappointments, pains,


a tired mind

a swell came up and over me and i breathed in its richness

head leaned back and i smiled a blush

Grateful for this secret i’ve received

this message of covering.  A message to my heart.



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