Akua Allrich © 2011

Feet hanging in the imbalance of this perfect hurricane made by gods and ancestors to shake the core of me

Make me dig up more of me

Stroke the ego and wave it goodbye

Jump in the spin with faith and a sigh

Afraid to let my babies see me cry

Instant breakdown as I hit the car that left me at the curb last night

Kicked it left to fall back right

Wrong in a will-filled fight

Crash up against the wall

Crash, I try not to fall

He wore red that day when he came to give me the news

I knew it was grim

I smiled in the sin

The sin of wishing and praying for this day when the wretched leave and all they’re shit still lay near

I intimately labor, my exterior austere

But I smile underneath

As I wash through the grief

Tumble in the goodness of change

A living in nothingness full and strange

Eyes closed as I sleep away the pain

Set fire to the rain

Let my body move through the waters to the sun

Under guidance of many unseen and undone

Spin in the winds

Whirl as if I’m paper thin

Feelings have no place in this endless rhyme the constant chase

Outright wrong I stand in place


No ground

Once was a line

Now I am round

Full of inception

Cleaned of insurrection

Mutiny lives only in the mind of the weak

laugh at their silly games and take the prize that they seek

blinded by their own madness

I sit in quiet

grateful that I have this Spin

This innate will to win

At my own race

All obstacles I embrace as I climb these walls

and reach closer to the stars

I, in all that they have made me

In all the creator hath created Me

From spirit to embryo, from child to woman

I give into this and

I shall live, love, light the way and give of me and them

Shaken and good and bad I could

I say never could I undo what has been done

Unwilling to feel settled to just have fun

Burn in me the light

Burn in me and give us sight

Spin me at your axis and I will honor this practice

Of justice and fight

Of gift and might

Weak to your light

Stay with me

Balanced in your imbalance

Eternal in you

I stand in the libation of my sacred pot

I bow to the fullness of this Maat.

Eternal balance

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