Thank you!

I want to first thank the wonderful supporters who have already pledged for and become apart of my newest album! THANK YOU! You ROCK SO HARD!

My latest happenings:

I am currently writing out music for our first recording sessions! WOOHOO! I’ve had several rehearsals with my Musical Director and am crazy excited! New songs keep presenting themselves to me and they are so beautiful.

The cover art and tee-shirts are in the works and I am, honestly, trying to keep my sanity and excitement while preparing for recording and still gigging and still participating in LIFE! Lol! Sharing this process with you has truly helped lift some of the stress factor and gives me a bit of inspiration to know that you are going through this with me!

Oh and WAIT! I am going to be featured in DC Magazine along side the wonderful Charles Fishman, founder of DC Jazz Festival, in the December 2011 issue! YES! Awesome sauce! I discussed my experience with being a professional musician as well as my newest album! So, PICK IT UP next week! Big love to Charles Fishman and DC Magazine! Majorly wonderful people!

Ok, so, send me positive vibes fam and PLEDGE PLEDGE PLEDGE! Pass this on to your family and friends and don’t forget, you can always pledge more than once!

Enjoy the holidays! So much love to you all!

In Peace, love, light and MUSIC!
Akua Allrich

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