Here is a poem in honor of the newest year, 2017, and Akwasidae (a holy day for the Akan people).

Akua Allrich © 2017

You’ve made decisions
As have I
Our mis-happenings have faces of different shapes and sizes
Disappearing consequences reappear overnight
cover us in the waters of our dreams
feed us life’s swamp luster
trees, grasses, vines, the mud of it.
In it’s abundance,
we grow from it.
we break and heal from it.

I’ve made decisions
As have you
turn right turn left
thirst catches our throat
saved by bitter dandelion tea
bitter and full.
your body fights it
never quite growing to enjoy the taste
… until you do

we move through
finding comfort in clear sight
find our toes working on uneven earth
tongue resting easy with the ever flowing waters of Universe, salty and sweet.

in what once seemed like chaos
we uncover a smile
a light
too eager to hold on to it’s slippery exterior,
we give in to the wet filth that was once a sweet curiosity

I’ve made decisions as have you
The consuming
The letting go
moving on with your journey’s longing
i never seem to quite catch up

still …
we’ll make the decision
to end the chase
fall into the ebb and flow of this river
praying only to breath, dance, shine
to see
to smile, inspire

to be

in the end
I will decide 

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