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A pimper’s paradise … das all she wuz …

— Akua Allrich

Mannnn … “she love to party … have a good time … she look so hearty … feelin fine….she’ll be laughin when there aint no joke … a pimper’s paradise … that’s all she was now….”

She swayed dem hips smooth

slow blinkin eyes
piercin thru dem playas.
sculpted Back movin wit each stride

strong from Ridin with style.
talent gained only from experience
givin by all dem fellas

she whine she waist line … make dem want she all de time … she let dem want her … let dem hol’ her body parts … but neva did she let dem hol’ she heart … or so she say … truth is, dem all run away …

but dis chick …
she figure
she dun wore dem F-me pumps for far too long
cuz dat kitty’s catch slipped dem claws ery’ time

she ready to be somebody heart beat
for somebody to make her heart sweet
a man good and right and real

so …

she look
and she look and …

she catch her eye on him

dat one right there!

da good one
wit da smile like sugar
and a spirit bright as da sun
but dat heart of gold belongs to another someone

but …

she got to have HIM! no matter who’s life she gonna break for it

so she friend him … give him she ear … let him lean on da shoulder of her see-thru shirt … let she thigh-highs peek thru da bottom of she hip low skirt … she give a lotta comfort … and a likkle boob graze … he seek guidance … in her perfume haze …

den …

to her luck …
he had one of dem dayz …
dey finally went way past 2nd base phase

hands flyin ova body parts
secrets told thru dat forbidden touch
and ohhhh he’s sorry to his baby but … but … but “I gotta finish wit dis sex-filled lady!”

she moan fa him … and she whine … she scream till him life cum … and him scream … cuz him know him cyant run … she look in him eyes and let him know … “dis time baby, i plays for keeps” … but dazed from the journey … him jus fall asleep.

Next morning dat fool run wit the quickness
remembered dem words dis heffa said las’ nite?

“da FUK?!”

dem feet run fast as dey could to his tru heart desire
plan on leavin behind dat one nite’s fire

But …

Not so fast honey
she comin after ya money

He may not luv me … she say
but damnit I’m gone have him some kinda way

5 months preggers
pop up at his door
“Hey dere baby …”
he look down
“yeah …  its yours”

cat fights, court fights, months pass … baby born
daddy tests, answer’s yes, lover’s heart scorn

Yes Sah!

Kitty’s claws finally got dat nigga hooked for life
aint got his heart but baby mama gone use da kid like a knife

Him mama say “yo dumb ass dun rolled da damn dice!
gone and give up all yo choice for wut?!”

a Pimper’s Paradise …

“… that’s all she was now … pimper’s paradise … I’m sorry for the victim now … but soon their … soon their very heads will bow … pimper’s paradise … that’s all she was now …”

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